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Large Red tomato plant - 4" pot

Very old (1843) fluted red tomato; easy to pick; flavorful (medium sized)
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85 days. (Indeterminate) [Original seed from the USDA. Historical notes by Hank and Linda Trent. Prior to the Civil War, one of the most commonly grown and best documented tomato varieties in the country. Listed in the 1843 Shaker seed catalog at New Lebanon, NY, the Large Red tomato is vital for ante-bellum garden recreations and historic farms. Fearing Burr in his 1865 book stated, “From the time of the introduction of the tomato to its general use in this country, the Large Red was almost the only kind cultivated, or even commonly known.”] 2 x 4 in. deep-red fruits are heavily ribbed or lobed and flattened in shape - quite distinct from modern tomatoes. Sweet with a bit of tang and some flavor intricacy. Vines provide medium foliage cover. We introduced Large Red for historical reasons, but we were surprised and pleased during our 1996 trials to find that it became a favorite of a local restaurant’s chef.


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