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The Magic Storysinger

From the Finnish Epic Tale Kalevala
Retold and illustrated by M.E.A. McNeil

Appropriate for all ages
7" x 10"
144 pages
ISBN 0-88045-128-9
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Awarded the Aesop Accolade by the American Folklore Association as one of the Ten Most  Outstanding Books of Mythology for Children in North America for the year of its publication.

The marvelous, fast and furious adventures of the great mythic hero Vaino (Vainamoinen) are delightfully retold. From his mysterious birth as the old-man son of the air maiden to his wooing of the daughter of Louhi the witch, great feats are accomplished and great feuds settled by means of magic songs and spells. Humor, adventure and magic abound in this classic tale, with a lyrical simplicity that casts its own spell. Charming full-color illustrations throughout.


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